Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer Internship!!! July 3 - August 11

Intern sought for public art project, "Refoundation" at 29th and Melvina, Century City / Franklin Heights. Be part of the construction of a new city! This community-centered public art project brings out the voice of the Melvina Triangle residents and provides a meaningful venue for young people to work on art. 

Intern must provide own transportation to and from the site. 

Project runs for 6 weeks. Dates are July 3 - August 11. Intern will be paid $500 for their time. 

Duties include: Assisting lead artist Faith Purvey with set-up of materials, water and snacks, and help kids work on projects. We will be building a small "city" which might include large "building facades", 3D "house" structures, small models, etc. Think of this as a multi-art experience with paint and many other materials. We are holding 3 sessions a week in the park and working with a core group of kids and as many adults as we can get, to imagine a curriculum in a "temporary school" that will interest many. We will store our materials in a trailer at the park, and/or in a neighbor's garage. 

--6 hours / wk :

Either T, Th + Sat, 11:00-1:00


Tuesday 11:00 - 2:00 
Saturday 11:00-2:00

Please call Faith at 612-232-8698.