Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Play date Q & A


I'm glad you asked you ominous internet voice.
A playdate is an event to which you bring a project you are working on. If you don't have a project started just bring materials to start a new project, and work among other neighborhood artists at The Jazz Gallery.


The Jazz Gallery is at 926 E Center St. Milwaukee, WI 53212 right down the block from Fuel Cafe.


You are welcome:)

Play Date

Everyone come to our next Play Date - Saturday, April 4th from 1-3.


Monday, March 16, 2009

Nifty History

The Jazz Gallery!

Originally built at the turn of the century, THE JAZZ GALLERY was initially a corner bar, one of the first on East Center Street. At some point, the bar added a west wing as a hall, which greatly increased its size and capacity for business.

The Jazz Gallery, one of the best jazz clubs in our region at the time, began in the late 1960's. On its stage some of the giants of Jazz performed, including Sun Ra, Sunny Stitt, Les McCann, Sunny Rollins, Ramsey Lewis and Jimmy Smith. Famed Milwaukee Jazz DJ, Ron Cuzner was the MC at most of these shows.

When the 80's rolled around rock bands such as The Violent Femmes played at the Jazz Gallery on a regular basis. Around that time the business was sold with the intent of making the space into a nightclub, but the necessary license couldn't be obtained.

In the mid-90's, the space was purchase by Bob Klavetter, a local real estate investor with a vision for Center Street. However, hard economic times in Riverwest kept this vision from being realized until after Klavetter’s death in November 2007.

Since Bob Klavetter was one of the original members of The Riverwest Artists Association, we believe he would have greatly approved of RAA's purchase of the building and creation of a new neighborhood art center.

As a salute to the amazing talent that graced this building throughout the years, the RAA board of directors has decided to keep the name THE JAZZ GALLERY and infuse it with new life as a contemporary art center featuring diverse visual art.

Please come over on a Thursday night or Saturday and check out the history space and its new tenants, The Riverwest Artist Association☺

Monday, March 9, 2009

A Successful Play Date

(I took photos for proof of this fact.)

A good dozen people showed up on Saturday, and it was the first time we have hosted such an event at The Jazz Gallery. That means it can only get better next month.

It was encouraging for me to see such a good rapport with artists of all ages, working with such vastly different medias. There were a lot of good discussions happening...what we brought to work on that day, what we have done in the past. As an artist, I find that it is often times difficult to get an honest critique or even questions/interest about my work.

The Artist Play Date provides a venue for this, and gives us all an extra glimpse of each other, and our direct community. I also heard some excellent stories on Saturday, and considering the fact that I am the 'newbie', I have a lot to hear...and see...

Yes, it was a very fine Play Date indeed.


Friday, March 6, 2009

Call For Artists!

That means YOU...



(because we really need a new one)

Gallery Night 2009

Shepherding the new Riverwest Community Arts Center into the thriving Riverwest neighborhood.

A collection of work by local artists will be showcased on Gallery Night at our new space, The Jazz Gallery. Early bidding starts on April 17, and the Silent Auction Event will be held on Saturday April 25, with live music and refreshments.

You can help The Riverwest Artists Association to further establish our new space by contributing to the aptly named, “Furnace Show”. We are hoping for your support...and some heat.


Please donate a finished piece of your work to be exhibited and auctioned at The Jazz Gallery.
All mediums are welcome. Drop off days will be April 2nd through the 4th between 5 and 8pm at The Jazz Gallery, 926 E. Center Street, Milwaukee.

~The first 50 entries will receive a free Artwalk T-shirt!

Again, your piece will be showcased on Gallery Night, and a part of the Silent Auction Event on April 25th.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Gallery Was Grand

I have recently acquired some photos of The Jazz Gallery's Grand Opening Show from Darlene. I have slightly edited them (mainly cropping), and am pleased with just how nice the gallery looks and photographs. Thus, I am sharing with everyone who may not have been at the opening in July, or seen the new gallery since then.

The design of the space is interesting, elegant, and a bit old Hollywood...

And it is certainly jazzy.

Please enjoy a few more photos of the opening show, courtesy of Darlene Hagopian...

Here are shots of a few of the pieces exhibited at the opening show...

Mark Lawson

Darlene Hagopian

Until the Play Date!

(P.S. If anyone knows the artists' names of the above pieces, I would like to include them in this post.)