Monday, March 9, 2009

A Successful Play Date

(I took photos for proof of this fact.)

A good dozen people showed up on Saturday, and it was the first time we have hosted such an event at The Jazz Gallery. That means it can only get better next month.

It was encouraging for me to see such a good rapport with artists of all ages, working with such vastly different medias. There were a lot of good discussions happening...what we brought to work on that day, what we have done in the past. As an artist, I find that it is often times difficult to get an honest critique or even questions/interest about my work.

The Artist Play Date provides a venue for this, and gives us all an extra glimpse of each other, and our direct community. I also heard some excellent stories on Saturday, and considering the fact that I am the 'newbie', I have a lot to hear...and see...

Yes, it was a very fine Play Date indeed.


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