Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Jazz Gallery

The Riverwest Artist Association is now located at THE JAZZ GALLERY! Yes that is right Riverwest we have a new gallery right on Center Street. For the month of February we will be closed to spruce up the building but we will be opening or doors soon for the...

Artist Play Date At THE JAZZ Gallery!

Saturday March 7th 1-3pm

Come and bring a project you are working on to the Jazz gallery, or bring materials to start a new project, and work among other neighborhood artists. Have fun while benefiting from each others creative energy and support!

The Riverwest Artist Association fostering reflective, innovative, and proactive art to
enrich and stimulate our community.

The Jazz Gallery 926 E Center St. Milwaukee WI 53212 (414) 374-4722


  1. Wow Julie, that was fast. Good work. Looking forward to the March 7th play date.

  2. Looks great- can we upload Maureen's logo to personalize this?

  3. I tried to drag the images from the webpage but they were to big and fit weird on the web. I'll ask maureen for just the logo

  4. Got the image! I therefore altered everything else so it didn't look...odd. Hopefully you life it:)