Sunday, March 7, 2010


This upcoming exhibition revolves around the theme of 'light'. Selected artists will receive installation and production assistance from UWM's Visual Arts Living and Learning Community, under the direction of Raoul Deal and RAA's Gallery Committee.

The artists chosen for their installation work to be featured in RAA's Illuminate exhibition are:

Jon T. Brown
Robert E. Koch
Tom Galbraith
Ximena Soza
Cristian Muñoz

Sue Pezanoski Browne and Carol Knitter

More information on our artists, and this interactive exhibition will be coming very soon! Please check back for updates.


  1. arent they the same couple from an exhibition a while back? i think i remember her yarn/woven/material stuff and his paintings centered around women. maybe not.

  2. yes, Ximena and Cristian were the two artists who had a show with us last may!
    we are lucky that they decided to participate with us again in an installation.