Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Illuminate - Paticipating Artists' Bios

Artist Bios for RAA's upcoming exhibition, Illuminate...

Tom Galbraith

An accomplished glass artist who works with neon and other luminous gases, Tom will exhibit several of his innovative signature works in the “Illuminate” exhibition. Having studied scientific glass blowing and the kinetic and luminous properties of various gases, Tom’s work is quite different than what is generally expected of neon art work. Existing somewhere along the boundaries between art and science, these pieces have an energetic sense of experiment, motion and drama.

Tom Galbraith

Ximena Soza

Ximena Soza was born in Chile in 1975, a country that was deeply troubled by the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet at the time. The experience has marked her as a person; she is now a teacher, writer and artist, whose work is always committed to social justice. Ximena has participated in several collective exhibits, showing her work in different medias, such as stone carving, metal work and weaving. In Milwaukee she has installed many Ofrendas for Day of the Dead at WPCA, UWM and Latino Arts. She also participated in the show Emergent Latinos in Milwaukee and In Borders, an exhibit about immigration into the United States, held at UW Oshkosh. Ximena has worked as a performing artist with different theater companies, and has also been awarded with
several international literary prizes for her fiction and poetry. She is currently a teacher in MPS and a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.

Sue Pezanoski Browne

Sue Pezanoski Browne is a local artist, and an art educator. She currently works as an art specialist at La Escuela Fratney, a part of the Milwaukee Public School system. Her art often involves community-based collaborations with other artists and students, in the creation of culturally responsive mixed media pieces. Sue has an extensive background in museum education, and holds undergraduate degrees in both Art History and Philosophy, as well as a Certification in Art Education. She is currently completing her MS in Art Education at UW Milwaukee.

Robert E. Koch

Robert has been a Riverwest area resident and businessman for many years. He has operated a sheet metal business and currently runs a property rental business in the neighborhood. His long time interests in art and science have brought him to the project on display in the exhibition, an installation that combines image and word in an exploration of the properties and influences of light.

Cristian Muñoz

Cristian Muñoz' artistic career started when he was still a teenager. During the years of the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet in his native country Chile, Cristian supported the student movement and the political struggle of that time. His political murals are now a part of several compilations on mural art. As a student Cristian used his art for making videos and documentaries, and has participated successfully in several short film festivals. One of his films is in the collection of The Historical National Museum in Chile. During his years in Santiago, Cristian was a teaching assistant at Universidad Arcis in several subjects, and participated in many collective exhibits. Since his arrival in Milwaukee in 2007, Cristian has been part of the show Emergent Latinos in Milwaukee at WPCA and many installations for Day of the Dead at UWM, WPCA, Latino Arts and The Milwaukee Art Museum.

(Carol Knitter, Jon T Brown, still to come.)

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